Monday, 31 March 2014

Scarier than thought....

After the news of the loss of a good friend last night I didn't feel much like climbing today but decided it was best to just get out regardless, life really is too short to waste time. I picked Joe up and we headed back up the Glen, both of us working on cleaning and trying projects. 

Joe inspecting a potential line

Trying to find any kind of weakness

I belayed Joe for a bit after my first attempt ended in brutal foot pain, like if they were being crushed in a vice, the temptation to request amputation becoming ever more tempting. I tried again and managed to figure out most of the moves but also found that a skyhook placement at a vital point (now a 10m run out) is out of reach for me to place making the route an even more dangerous proposition. I've never tried a route as technically difficult as this and with such high risk.