Monday, 20 January 2014

Not Sure.....

I'm not really sure what to call this post hence the name. I visited a different orthopaedic surgeon the other day for another opinion (3rd opinion) and was told it shouldn't be possible for me to be going on the hill at all anymore with the state of my ankles/knees. More surgery is in the pipeline and more throughout my life is inevitable. The surgeon told me if I give up climbing I may totally avoid surgery but I cant even comprehend life without it. I took what the Doc said with a pinch of salt but even at that I know within myself that my time is limited so I'm just going to follow his parting words, "Keep going till you cant take the pain anymore".......

End of the line or just another obstacle

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Face for radio

Today I headed up to the Ben to actually try climb a route for the first time since last February. I was with Dave and Chris from BBC Radio Scotlands Out of Doors programme who was interviewing me for the show. We had intended to climb Green Gully but there was a crown wall just below it and a fair basin of snow just hanging there so we chickened out and headed to Ledge Route instead, most people seemed to have the same idea. We made good time up but the descent was excruciating on my ankles, worth it though. Time to get on the painkillers now.

Chris and myself

Me being a poser

Chris and Dave

Dave and Chris enjoying a brief view toward Loch Eil

Monday, 13 January 2014

Newtyle & Nevis

On Wednesday myself and Joe headed over to Newtyle to meet up with Greg and Simon for some training. Simon worked his project on the Happy Hooker wall while Greg made us all feel like total punters. I was there trying to do Fast & Furious without using many figure of fours which places much more demand on my left hand/arm. On my last attempt I felt strong but pushed the velcro on my prosthetic and couldn't get it to restick, cue anger and swearing. It was Joes first day at the cave trying F&F and he got to within two moves of the lower off which was a bloody good effort, both feeling psyched for another visit ASAP.

Joe on F&F

Yesterday Andy and myself went for a walk up to the CIC hut to have a look at conditions, snowy would best describe it. The ankle hurt like hell for a bit but need to persevere, was great to be among mountains again.
Andy approaching the hut