Monday, 12 August 2013

Back North

On Saturday morning I left Ayrshire after 4 months of recovery and headed back North to Kinlochleven. My ankle still hurts like hell and is still cracking loudly so I'm just going to have to take everyday as it comes now. I went straight to training when I arrived on Saturday in the ice wall to just get the feel for things again.

Training on the ice-Pic- Nadir Khan

The next day was spent with some quick catch ups then onto the rock wall. Squeezing my foot into rock shoes was painful and then came the actual climbing which was akin to when I walk too far, pain, nausea and sweating etc. The first two days here have been a real eye opener to how much work I have to do, needing to get stronger, fitter, needing to learn to put weight through and trust my foot and pretty much having to re-learn how to climb with another physical malfunction on my left hand side, keeps it interesting though! There are a few interesting projects for me to be working away on too while I'm still recovering, one in particular which I'm very psyched about, watch this space..........

If the producers of Top Gear are reading this the car pictured is a 1.1 Saxo with limited edition gaffa taped wing mirrors, classic! Davie and me talk crap on way home from Glencoe yesterday. Pic- Nadir Khan