Thursday, 23 August 2012

Torch Bearer on the Ben

Yesterday was a very special day indeed. Last week I received an email telling me I'd been nominated to be part of the Paralympic Torch team on Ben Nevis, at first I thought it was just a joke however at 5.15am I found myself at the foot of Ben Nevis waiting on all the other members of the team , Scouts,guides,Police security, members of the organising committee and the media. We took our time on the walk up which gave me a good chance to hear some great stories from the security guys about the last torch relay, some really inspirational people out there.

Just having lit the flame 

The Scouts did well to light the fire by natural means using a flint and tinder in damp and windy conditions which I then got to light the torch on. 

 Standing on the very summit with the Scouts 

It was a real genuine honour to represent Scottish Mountaineering for the Paralympics, not something I'll ever forget. I dont know who nominated me but if they read this then big thanks to you.........
One final bit of posing on the summit

Monday, 20 August 2012

Steall Path

Having spent so much time in the Steall area recently and simply just because I love the place I felt I should stick a link to the JMT appeal on here as well as FB, fundraising is going well and they are nearing their target

Thursday, 16 August 2012

E7 Attempt Teaser

Heres a link from James to a short trailer for a film project we're working on

Thursday, 2 August 2012

E7 Fail & Running Success

With pressure growing from within my own head I've been suffering sleepless nights thinking about going for the lead on the E7 project and with James , Dave and Johann we headed up the other night to check it out! When we arrived the crag was starting to seep, I went to check it out a bit more and as I did so tripped over my pack, by the time I noticed it it was merrily starting to roll its way back down the epic 400m approach and we could do nothing but laugh and hope it stopped which it did after 100m thankfully. The next night we slogged back up and got on the route, it was still warm though and a part of me began to have doubts but my keenness to experience another bold lead took over and I decided to go for it. It went well up to the crux and I guess I over thought as when I started into the crux the tiny voice of doubt suddenly turned into a screaming voice so I down climbed to the relative safety of the crescent , got a rope to me and lowered off!

                            On my lead attempt of Pallor E7 6b

As I lowered off  I contemplated getting straight back on and had a bit of a time deciding but my more sensible side prevailed and with it being such a serious route I thought it best to come back another time after a bit more climbing. I was disappointed with myself for wimping out but at the same time I was surprised at the fact I could walk away much easier than I would have done before having my accident!

Trying to put a smile on while dealing with disappointment in myself

I like that climbing forces you to deal with all these negative emotions, I feel like it cleanses all that darkness from me which is another reason to love this game.

Today Dave and I decided to get in a hill day and settled on doing the Ring of Steall as quick as we could, I found it quite hard keeping up at a couple of points but kept going any way and really enjoyed pushing myself again and it's really got me psyched for more big hill days as my ankle and knees weren't too bad.

                          Me on the Devils Ridge

            Dave on the last top with Ben Nevis in the background