Saturday, 30 April 2011

Filming, fun & progress

On Wednesday night after work I headed up the Glen again to do some film with Kate & Ezra, students in Documentary film making. I had agreed to do some climbing for a film they were doing about life around the Ben. So for scenery and a quality route we headed to Scimitar. I soloed the E4 there again which never fails to make me feel good!

Sorting gear before the crag- Pic- Dorota Bankowska

Soloing Fingertip Finale - Pic- Dorota Bankowska

When its been too warm for climbing we've been going up and jumping off Lower Falls which is a great way to freshen up after a day in the shop, or even during it, we jumped on our lunch hour last week.

Kieran in mid somersault at the Falls! Pic - Kaye Black

On Friday to avoid the Royal Wedding crap I met up with 3 mates in the Coe and we headed up North Buttress on the Buachaille. It's the first time I've stood on top of a Munro since the accident and I felt utterly alive during and after. Good to climb with friends I haven't seen for a while too!

Alec, Tam and Neil on the summit of the Buachaille!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bad Life Choices

Heres a link to a short vid of our day on Saturday, including Johanns first ascent of Bad Life Choices! Edited up by Gee!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sends in the Glen

It was back up the Glen yesterday with Gee and Johann who were both keen to send their projects. For Johann it was his new route at Upper Scimitar and for Gee it was Fingertip Finale, E4 solo!
The route at Upper Scimitar was pointed out to me over a year ago by Mark McGowan and was beyond what I'm capable of so Johann has been trying it since and it finally went yesterday!

Johann getting prepped for his solo

Johann on first ascent of 'Bad life choices' E7 6b

At the top, I think he was chuffed

Next up was Gee on Fingertip Finale. He had been looking at this line since doing his E5 the other week so he was psyched after watching Johann to get his route done!

Gee visualising the moves, simples!!

Just finishing the crux, not sure the mats would have done much for him at this point!

After the climbing we finished the day by jumping off Lower Falls into a surprisingly warm River Nevis and then to the Achintee for a pint in the beer garden, spot on...............