Wednesday, 12 March 2014

One small step

Today I headed to the Quadrocks at Largs with Gerry. Warming up on damp routes I hadn't done in a long long time was good fun. I noticed more today in a trad environment just how much difference the fused ankle is making, having to move a bit differently. We did a few routes then milled about to let a group clear from next to where I needed to set up a belay for my project. I've been trying this line on and off for around 7 years now, it's definitely E7/8. Today I made progress in that I discovered a placement just big enough to get about 10mm of a slightly modified skyhook in, bomber :) Quite a social wee day up there and good to be making progress on rock after the lows of last week.

On The Traverse

I love the outlook from this great wee crag. 

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