Monday, 9 January 2012

Op Done

On Saturday morning I eventually had surgery on my mashed ankle. The surgeon I ended up getting decided that full fusion was overkill for the time being so they removed the broken floating shards etc which means I'm looking at roughly 2 weeks in a cast and not 2 months.It also means I'll be back to climbing quicker. It means more surgery and pain in the future but that's the futures problem.

Missing days out at the crag and the shared banter and risk- Pic-Dorota Bankowska

In the time I've had off from climbing at my limits a small part of me began to ask whether I should continue to take high risks on a regular basis, I decided to let life make the decision for me and see what direction a few specific things took. For a short time I saw a different lifestyle, one I thought I was looking for to save me from myself. But when I shone the brutal light of reality on it it disappeared and I see that no matter what comes along I'm staying on this path that I took a long time ago. It used to scare/depress me when I saw my life like this but as I learn more about myself from climbing I see it's actually a positive to get rid of the false hopes which can really bring you down and embrace reality.