Sunday, 30 March 2014


The past few weeks have been a time of re-focusing my disappointment of no more mountaineering for the foreseeable future and trying to use that negative energy to produce a positive. I've found that outlet in seeking out new routes. I've always found new routes far more rewarding than repeats, not just in the climbing of the routes but in finding, cleaning and trying them. Spring has begun to sneak its way into Lochaber and we've made the best of it, on Wednesday myself and Dave headed up the Glen for some routes before he goes on MIA training. It was warm enough to climb in t-shirts which made us think it was time for a BBQ.

Dave sorting gear at the base of Pine Wall

Scottish BBQ, down jackets a necessity 

On Thursday Matt, Dot and myself headed up the Glen again to check out some new routes after me telling them how good the weather had been the previous day I think we were all surprised to end up rigging in howling wind, rain and snow, you got to love Scotland. I managed to figure out the very sparse protection for the route but it was too wet to start cleaning. 

 Myself scoping possibilities

Today I walked up to Steall falls with my Mum and Dad who were visiting and then I left them to begin the process of cleaning one of the projects. Lots of work and fear to come.....

Maw & Paw at Steall

Spring cleaning

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