Monday, 3 March 2014

Tough Choices

This morning I headed to SCNL with Dave, Joe and Nadir to work on a filming project. We were making good steady time up the hill when my ankle and knee began to hurt immensely and I knew a tough choice was coming. I've been fighting this injury for over four years now and I dont mind the damage I inflict on myself but today I felt I was becoming a potential burden/risk to my mates. I stopped and told the guys I was bailing, they left for the route and I slumped down on my pack and popped more painkillers. It took me a long time to descend, sweating, near vomiting, trying not to lose it listening to stupid questions from folk. I had to wait a while for a lift in Glencoe and sitting there on such a beautiful day I began to take in the fact that Scottish winter climbing maybe over for me, who knows though. I guess if junkies can replace smack with super lager then I can maybe find a replacement..........


  1. Never give up doing what you love. Keep digging for fixes for your ankle Kev. Never give up! My mum has been in and out of Hospital for over 50 years with Kidney failure and various other ailments. She is still researching ailments and drugs online and is suggesting new drugs to the Dr's!

  2. Its more about becoming a burden to climbing partners now mate, I must be getting soft and losing a bit of my selfishness :)