Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Busy Weekend

I got up on Saturday morning and put on my shorts, wicking top, hill running shoes and stepped outside into a cold morning and scraped the frost from my windscreen and left for Arran. My plan was to do every main summit in one blast. I had walked it the previous year and suffered with a fair amount of pain afterwards so I knew what I was getting myself into. The weather wasn't great but the occasional break in the cloud showed some impressive views, if I were to ever tire of the hills I know that one day on Arran would easily re-ignite my love of the outdoors.

I was doing this as part of my winter training but also to distract me from thinking about what was happening the following night. After 8 hours exactly I arrived back at the ferry point and didn't feel to bad though as I write this I'm suffering a bit.

Sunday at 5a.m I awaken sharply with the realisation that tonight is the premiere of Hotaches new film 'Single Handed' at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival which is about my climbing and motivations etc and I am more nervous about this than any other thing I have done in my life but the film was well received and I was glad to be there when Diff won both the awards that the film was nominated for, thanks to everyone who voted for the film.I had quite a few people with similar disabilities or who had children with disabilities say that the film inspired them which I always struggle with but I'm glad people can take that from what I do. I also now have the opportunity to go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival with the film which is amazing , I would never have imagined being in such a privileged position when I started climbing a few years back.

You can view the trailer for the films on Hotaches Productions website................

Friday, 2 October 2009

Reality Check

Since doing E7 the other week I've been working and doing a couple of lectures so theres been no time to climb or train. So the other day I got a text from Andy Turner saying he will be keen for climbing in November so I decided I had better get my finger out and start training on the axes and getting a bit of hill fitness built up. I've managed to get in a few good runs and have really enjoyed just being out alone in the hills. Last night though was a serious reality check as to where my winter strength is at , before I moved up to Fort Bill and staying in Ayrshire I was the one that trained the hardest at the wall and pushed myself (well thought I pushed myself) but last night was an eye opener when Dave Macleod came down to the wall , complete with weight belt , and proceeded to easily do twice the amount that I did. It made me realise that I'll need to take myself to a whole new level this season if I intend to climb the routes on my list. It is possible but what is left of my already shattered social life will need to take another hammering.

Post E7 I thought I would genuinely be able to relax and walk away from soloing but already I have my eye on an E8 in The Peak , so between that and getting ready for this winter route my life will once again be completely taken over. If I'm successful on these routes though I HAVE to step back and take stock of what I've done and what I've gotten away with before my life becomes completely empty bar my climbing , which is nearly the case at the moment!!