Monday, 30 September 2013

Climbers Against Cancer DT comp

We're busy here at the Ice Factor arranging a DT competition in aid of Climbers Against Cancer. We've arranged a full weekend event with the comp on Saturday 2nd November followed by a talk by Simon Yearsley and then a party. On the Sunday we've got Dave MacLeod running coaching sessions on bouldering and DT and doing a short talk. Please get involved and help us raise plenty of cash for CAC.

Here's details for booking, digs etc-

Keep an eye on progress here too-

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Highland Emergency

Yesterday I headed out for a go on real rock for the first time since before my op. Myself, Dave, Andy and Davie headed up to West End crag in Glen Nevis to get on Alls Fair, an E2 I'd done before. I was keen to get on it again as it was bold but not to techy, Dave was psyched for his first E2 lead and Andy had the psyche too. We faffed on top rope, Dave and Andy were really keen so I decided to leave it till after they'd done it before I went on it again.

Andy got on lead as I filmed from above and sent the route. It was then Daves go on the sharp end but a couple metres up he had a mishap before the first gear placement, fell and decked out. I knew by the sound his body made then the ensuing screams it was bad, bear in mind Dave is tough, he fell earlier this year on the Ben and continued for hours with cracked ribs and a few other bumps. He broke his back in a car smash 2 years ago so we didn't move him, Andy went and called MRT as Davie and I did what we could for him, stuck a jumper under his head and a constant stream of banter/abuse. The team arrived and then Rescue 177 turned up and he was airlifted away with another broken back. He's just text me though and thankfully it's not as bad as last time so here's wishing him a speedy recovery!

Rescue 177 with Dave in the stretcher. Photo courtesy of Lochaber MRT

Today I knew I had to climb something so I headed up the Glen again with Graham. We headed to Scimitar and just did some easy stuff to get cruising again.

Myself on Diagonal, brilliant VS