Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I was back at the project today to try find a way past the utterly blank lower section.I rigged myself to my shunt and I made some moves that may be linkable to the real guts of the climbing. I may be able to place a skyhook midway on the runout section but I'd need to carry it in my teeth already clipped to the rope then bump it into place with my chin,hmmmm!! I hit the upper crux at the last few feet of the route where a deck out and serious injury (at least) is inevitable and spent a while battling trying to find any purchase for my left hand, nothing. I smeared it onto a 'hold' and pulled up and my feet both went into spasms of agonising pain, enough that I fell off, not what you want on this route! I let frustration get the better of me and started swearing at myself, who knows what the Steall falls tourists thought of me. I lowered off in too much pain to continue pissed off with my disabilities/injuries. Hobbling back to the car I felt like just giving up but I know that wont happen.

Cant be pissed off with views like this

Not happy at myself  getting frustrated with my hand for the first time in years and considering quitting I came home and beasted myself training on the bike and a few hundred sit ups to punish myself for being so weak!


  1. Keep at it Kev man!Pain is only temporary!Give yourself the time and put in the gym hours to get it stronger again and you'll have no bother!!

  2. Cheers dude, unfortunately this pain is pretty permanent :)