Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Route

Since climbing Cu Sith E7 6c the other day I've been asked about the name and for a bit more detail on the route. Cu Sith (pronounced Coo Shee) originates in Scottish folklore, a huge wolf like creature that hides out among rocky outcrops in the Highlands to carry folk away to the afterlife. It was known to let out 3 terrifying howls and if you heard it you were not long for this world. I related the 3 howls to thee 3 bits of gear on the route. 

Cu Sith

View down the slab just as I clip the last and only good pro-Pic-Dorota Bankowska

Cu Sith-Wave Buttress- Glen Nevis- 25m- E7 6c- Bold and smeary climbing straight up the middle of the slab between Edgehog and Teenoso. decent cam/skyhook before committing to the tech crux then another shaky skyhook before good cams then runout to ledge above Edgehog. 

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