Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Yesterday marked a very positive change in mood and pace at the crag, Steve, Dave, Joe, Dot and myself headed up to Wave once again. Dave was keen to check out my project and he managed to find a very thin way through the part I have been struggling on to make it a truly direct plumb line up the centre of the wall. This means using a single finger sloper with smeary feet and a tiny thumb press above a skyhook, interesting :) For the first time I linked the whole project and am now working on the head game I need to play to climb something which is harder than anything I've ever done before. 

Nearing the top on first ever link-Pic-Dave MacLeod

Everyone else was getting stuck in too. Steve cleanly top roped his E5 project 'On the Beach' so an impending lead for him too, Dave onsighted another E5.

Sociable cragging, Dot, Dave, Joe and Steve, I love days like these.

All this action obviously got Joe psyched as he decided to climb Edgehog, the classic arete at the crag. It was to be his first E3 and its tough at the grade. He climbed well and in control only "having a word with himself" at one point but still sending the route, pretty impressive. 

Joe leading Edgehog

Myself, Joe, Dot and Steve at the end of the day, a tired but very happy team, beer o'clock!!

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