Saturday, 3 May 2014


For a large chunk of my climbing career I've waited to be invited to climb in the greater ranges, not having the confidence to plan my own trip. Just as it seemed after the operation it was never going to happen I've been asked about two possible trips next year. I'm keen to get out there but at what cost? 

I got up this morning and decided to try my first run in well over a year, knowing full well it was going to hurt. As the distance ticked by I tried to concentrate on rhythm and not on joint pain and a few realities came home. I know I can handle a fair amount of pain so maybe I just need to forget about help from the surgeons (which isn't exactly forthcoming) and just accept a whole new way of suffering? I remember reading in Andy Kirkpatricks book that "There's no point practising being wet and cold"  but perhaps there is a point in practising in hurt to see if I can raise my pain threshold?? 

I also realised that if I couldn't raise my pain barrier without causing huge damage and potentially putting mates at risk in the hills I'd more than happily have my foot amputated if thats what it took and I could find a surgeon willing to do it, barring that it's Talisker and a chop saw!!

Thinking I'm in pain but am I really?
Pic-Cameron McIlvar


  1. I've got a braw sharp axe :) Nae talisker required ;)

  2. Typical cheap East Coaster, wants in on the party withoot bringin a bottle :)