Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The frustration of not climbing has gotten to me recently, I felt I was getting mentally weak which for me is worse than physically weak. So today with a slim promise of decent weather James Dunn and myself decided to go to Quadrocks to try grab some climbing and photography.

On the shunt checking E3 Arete, Pic- http://www.facebook.com/JamesDunnVisuals

It was overcast and a strong cold wind was battering in but damn did it feel good to climb again. I decided on my trusty old benchmark climb, the unprotected E3 Arete and gave it a go on the shunt to check the moisture on the rock and my ankle.

Soloing the Arete Pic by James Dunn Visuals

Strangely but happily I felt way more comfortable soloing the route than I did when rehearsing it on a safe rope.It rained a wee bit while I was climbing but not enough to cause concern, it was great to be making decisions that actually matter again and feel the freedom that only climbing gives me. I feel extremely psyched even though I know I'm on a countdown for my op, hopefully up the ante soon........

Packing up before it pissed down pic-James Dunn Visuals

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