Wednesday, 6 January 2010

One of These Days

I met Di Gilbert a few years back when she was an instructor on my SPA training and we got talking about her recent ascent of Everest and my own hopes to eventually make it to the Greater Ranges. We kept in touch and met up again in Rjukan last year when I was out attempting routes with Andy Turner. Ever since then we have been trying to get out climbing but the weather etc has always put paid to our plans but eventually Di made it through yesterday and we planned to do Steall falls and a few other routes. As we were driving up the Glen in my supposed "4x4 of the year winner" it stopped responding to my driving and started do whatever it felt like and despite Alan Kimber and his crew and then some of the local Rescue Team lads putting in great efforts to get this unwieldy lump down the road safely it was decided to abandon it and I only just got it back today after Di had to go back East to prep for a trip to Aconcagua.Hopefully someday Di and I will actually get out climbing.....................

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