Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Every so often I receive emails from people in all corners of the globe saying that my climbing and my attitude towards my disabilities has inspired them. It always makes me feel somewhat embarressed but its great to hear that people take somekind of goodness from what I do.

I always feel very humbled also, sometimes more than others. I received an email a few weeks back from a Canadian girl who has been through terrible times and challenges with Epilepsy resulting in brain surgery. Melanie contacted me after watching 'Single Handed' saying how much the film affected her and ,even though she isn't a climber, she uses the film to help get her through her less than good days. After reading her full story I couldn't believe that I inspired this amazing woman , humble isn't a strong enough word to describe how her email made me feel.

After her brain op she was told basically that she would hardly be capable of doing anything by yet another blinkered health proffessional. Melanies passion in life (except her family) is music, in particular the trumpet. She decided that she would take it up once again regardless of what the 'pros' said. She now plays alongside some of the Jazz greats. I read somewhere once that "One of lifes greatest pleasures is doing what others say we cannot" and I'm sure Melanie would agree...........
Melanie blasts out a tune in the Rockies

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