Friday, 15 January 2010

Missing Out

Since taking my fall the other day I've been trying to keep my mind occupied with other bits of work I've had to do and answering some questions from the press who seem interested in my fall?? I've been replaying the accident a lot either conciously or sub-conciously and keep realising how lucky I am to only have a sprained ankle and that Gaz and Dave were quick to react and get me to hospital, even if they did spend most of the time laughing at me :)

The over-riding emotion I feel at the moment though is not fear or pain but one of frustration in that I'm missing so much. Blair and Dave have been very busy sending stunning new ice lines in Glencoe this week, these lines were a deciding factor in my having taken a week off work to climb and the closest I'll likely ever get to them are the pics on Daves blog. Blair repeating the Excellerator, this is the kind of climbing I love

I'm already managing to get a bit of weight on my damaged foot with only a little support and the swelling is slowly going down, today however its bruising up badly and wouldn't look out of place in an episode of CSI. Hopefully I'll be climbing again before the end of the season.
Two days ago, spot the injured foot...................


  1. How do Kev?
    Sounds painful, but glad it was only an ankle and nothing more! I prescribe ice (on the ankle!), lots of vitamin I and copious episodes of Family Guy. You'll be back in no time.
    Those routes of Dave and Blair's look bloody impressive. Shame they're gonna be falling down pretty soon if the forecast is correct!
    Catch ya soon.

  2. yep me too kev I prescribe ice and lashings of a good malt dont bother rubbing it in mate just swallow it - take 4 every hour for 6 hours and you will fell like getting staight back on the route headtorch required.

    look after yersel - Ruairidh

  3. Cheers Lads, Aye its been getting plenty ice and it'll be plenty whisky tonight :)