Friday, 25 January 2013

The Final Countdown

Last week I got word that my ankle fusion op would be happening in early to mid April so I'm keen to be out in the hills as much as possible. On a bit of a minging day Christina and me went up some local Corbett and were extremely bored by it as you can tell by the expressions on our faces below.

Christinas 'Adult Entertainment Star/Idiot' face-Pic-Christina Bell

Karma strikes quickly, I fell on my arse instantly after taking the piss out of Christina-Pic-Christina Bell

On Tuesday Joe,Dave and myself headed up the Ben to have a look around and maybe get on something depending on conditions. There was lots of powder blowing around and as we approached the Cascades there was lots of spindrift coming down from above so we did the manly thing and ran away to the cafe!

Dave and Joe on Wednesday
On Thursday Dave,Craig , Joe and myself headed back up to the Cascades in better weather and had a cracking wee day on the rightmost of the 3 main falls. 

Myself on the first pitch-Pic-Craig McDonald
I really feel I have to soak up every morsel of the mountain experience at the moment as the prospect of leaving them for at least 6 months is worse than leaving the friendships behind for that time. I'll catch up with friends during recovery but it's the experiences and adventures that play out on the mountains and the bond that they provide that I'll really miss.

Craig,Dave,Joe & Myself on the walk out.-Pic- Craig McDonald

On Thursday Ken , Davie , Conor and I headed up Aonach Mor. I planned to get back on Stirling Bridge and Davie and Conor headed to the Twin Area. Unfortunately there was a team already on Stirling Bridge, we watched for a bit as the leader made initially quick progress up to the harder moves then came to a sudden stop. We got cold and bailed, scunnered as it'll be the last chance in a while after looking at the forecast.
Davie and Conor on their approach


  1. Kev we are going back up to Stirling at some point in the next three weeks, at the slightest whiff of snow.

  2. Well psyched for a return visit mate!