Monday, 7 January 2013

Doing Time

After what began as a promising start to winter the weather turned to shit so I trained at Ice Factor and on my bike. I went to rotate my ankle after a session on the bike before Xmas and it let out an almighty crack and a little pain. I knew I had done some damage so I went to see the Doctors while in Ayrshire which was a waste of time, I say Doctor but it may have actually been a mental patient masquerading as a Doctor as she was clueless and as much help as the proverbial inflatable dartboard. Not content to let it lie I saw the Docs back in Fort William and the difference was huge, they couldn't do more to help. As it turns out I seem to have broken a fragment of bone away from the Talus again and need surgery ASAP. The problem is that it's limiting what I can do, there's a 5 month waiting list and I won't be able to walk again for over 9 months post op, it's like a prison sentence hanging over me.

I'll miss simply being in the mountains-Pic- Dave Anderson

I'll have to move home with my parents in Ayrshire to recover as I wont be able to drive or get around myself or work to pay rent, it'll be soul destroying leaving the Highlands again as I've come to feel totally at home here among the mountains and the few like minded friends I associate with. The physical thing of not climbing, walking or training will definitely get to me but it's the mental aspect that worries me. I think I'm lucky though in that I've lived my life being made aware how lucky I am in the grand scheme of things and that there are folk out there way worse off than me and my comparatively minute problems. I guess I just need to cram 18 months of life into the next 5 or so and start to stockpile DVD boxsets again..........


  1. Keep yer chin up Kev. When you're laid up you can start writing your memoirs- you can still have a career as a motivational speaker! Believe.

  2. Cheers Ian, good seeing you guys the other week!