Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Project E8

With my ankle pain increasing a bit more I feel I really have to try push harder at my climbing dreams, time to wake up and make them a reality. With the grant I was fortunate enough to receive from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland I'm aiming to make E8 happen before my operation and to climb as hard as I can in winter. 

The last time I tried E8! Pic-Suzy Devey

The last time I tried E8 I think subconsciously I knew I wasn't doing it with my best interests at heart but this time it feels better. I feel if I can manage this I could ,in good conscience, move onto concentrating on the Himalayas without distraction. Also I'll be pretty sure I'll have pushed my trad as far as I can. I wont be quitting rock climbing but simply putting all my effort into another facet which will allow me to push myself in other ways, in another arena and explore the possibilities both physical and mental that climbing in such a harsh environment presents.
I have somewhat of a plan for building up to 'Project E8' , as I've only got around a year before my next operation I not only want to tick off E8 but also do a lot of routes that I've always been keen on but never quite got round to and that ranges from scrambles on the Ben to E7's in the Mourne Mountains and if I'm lucky enough to get the weather to do these things I'll be in pretty good shape to take on whatever route I choose to go at as long as I also put in the training hours.
I'm really psyched at the moment and there is lots happening between the E8, other routes, film projects coming up, keen climbing partners, new job, trying to get ready for SPA and ML, it's going to be a busy year....................

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