Monday, 29 August 2011

More hill time

On Thursday Glenda and I headed up Sgurr Mhaim expecting a miserable day with the forecast but instead were greeted with stunning views in almost every direction, one of those days you just don't want to come off the hill.

Glenda and I on the summit of Sgurr Mhaim

On the ridge to the descent path

Yesterday it was time to keep a promise and go on a Ben Nevis litter pick arranged by my friend Sarah who is a Conservation Officer for the John Muir Trust . We headed to the summit in less than pleasant conditions, if you want to test your faith in humanity just go for a walk up the tourist path on a busy day. We lifted a large amount of rubbish considering there had been a pick just the other week, roughly 7 of the bags were full of banana skins which are becoming a real issue on the Ben. Off to Ice Factor now for another training session!

Work party on the descent, that's some of the rubbish bags we collected

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