Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hill Days

The other day I got word about my operation definitely being in November. Facing a move back to Ayrshire for a stint and having to be inactive for a while has re-awoken the demon and my normal drive to be in the mountains is in high gear. With this in mind and a decent forecast Suzy and I headed for the Buachaille on Wednesday. We decided on North Buttress, probably one of my favourite mountain days and apart from us getting mauled by the midge it was a brilliant day finished off nicely in the Clachaig!!

Suzy on the Buttress with Kingshouse and Rannoch Moor behind

Us on the summit after an epic trying to work timer and balance my camera

Yesterday it was up to the Cobbler with Hector to work on a new route and check some other stuff. My ankle and knees hurt but with an impending feeling of time running out I felt I couldn't waste good weather. So we battered up checked some lines for the future then headed up the ridge to the South then Central peak which is a good scramble. Another clear day in the mountains, superb. On the way home we had dinner at Ben Arthurs Bothy, I then stopped to see my Gran & Grandpa who served up Mince and Tatties, then to Dalry where my Mum served up Bacon rolls, 3 dinners in 3 hours is a record even for me!

Hector at the Narnain Boulders with Cobbler in background

I've been on Central Peak of the Cobbler dozens of times and this is the first time I've had someone take the 'classic' shot, great place to be.

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