Sunday, 24 October 2010

Glenmore STS

I spent the weekend at Glenmore Lodge for that leg of the STS. It was good crack speaking to some of the familiar faces and new people on the circuit. I teamed up with my old mentor Scott Muir for the day, we haven't climbed together in years so that was cool.

Scott and me after the comp

After the comp I had a talk to do in front of Lodge staff and competitors. they showed 'Single Handed' first which gave me an extra 20 minutes in which to get nervous, people keep telling me it gets easier doing this but it never seems to. However the film and talk were well received which is good and I got some good feedback.
Event organisers Pete and Neil "Re-Hydrating" after a hard days work..........


  1. Never got a chance to chat after yer talk Kev - thought it was excellant mate :) He! Have to smile when you say you get nervous doing your speaking - when you look at the stuff you have climbed/soloed!!! Catch ya for a beer at Ice Factor comp?

  2. Cheers George, honestly it scares me way more than climbing. Aye get a beer with ye for sure mate............

  3. Lookin' good there Kev, ya sexy beast!