Thursday, 7 October 2010

Axe Time

It's that time of year again, too dark to go up the Glen after work and the pressing need to to get strong for winter projects sends us to Al's basement once again. Dreading the first serious training session tonight I met up with Sam, Rich and Gillian and proceeded to remind ourselves of how much axe training hurts.

Rich points out the next moves for Gillian

I wasn't going to start training till after the Ireland trip but with upcoming involvement in the Scottish Tooling Series I thought I had better do a bit of training. I'm doing a short talk after the Glenmore comp on the 23rd Oct which will be about my time in volved with Sport Mixed, how I got involved and the culmination of that chapter of my climbing with soloing Fast & Furious.


  1. Hi Kev. I wondered if you'd be happy to put a few words together for a guest blog about the Scottish Tooling Series on my site:
    I'd love to hear your thoughts about the Dry Tooling competition, how you've done in previous comps.. and what you'll be talking about in your lecture. If it's easier maybe I could give you a call for a quick chat/interview. I'm a laid back journo and more interested in the chat than the formal Q&A. I don't make money from the blog.. it's my guilty pleasure! my email:

  2. Kev, you having a dump in that picture above???

  3. Aye, thats when you know its a good training sesh......