Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Consequence of Choice

It's over 8 years now since I fell and broke my ankle, my choice to attempt that route has had a direct consequence on the rest of my life.

Minutes before the fall that changed everything

I have no regrets about attempting the route, I'd have more regrets if I hadn't tried it. Having and being lucky enough to survive the accident probably saved my life as I was pushing myself exceptionally hard up till it happened. 

However I have since pushed myself technically harder on bolder routes but in much more control and I calculate things differently too in that I actually calculate it instead of just going balls to the wall. 

Calculated and in control on first ascent of Cu Sith E7 6c

I've continued to winter climb since the accident and ice climbing on the Ben still holds among my best memories of climbing, I've never really known peace like that of walking off the Ben on a nice winter day after a good route. 

Walking off the Ben after climbing The Gift 

Unfortunately all things must (somewhat) come to an end. I've really struggled the past couple of winter seasons and it's time to be realistic about what I can and cannot do with my injury and it's knock on effect to other joints now having a massive daily impact on my life. Scottish winter climbing is basically over for me as I once knew it and it'll only be rare forays out for lines I've dreamt about for years.

Walking out last week, my ankle is buckling badly.

I've decided in an effort to prolong my climbing life to focus on new trad routes and hopefully continental ice trips which I'm really psyched about but hell I'll miss the days of regular winter outings to the Ben there really is nowhere quite like it......

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