Monday, 20 January 2014

Not Sure.....

I'm not really sure what to call this post hence the name. I visited a different orthopaedic surgeon the other day for another opinion (3rd opinion) and was told it shouldn't be possible for me to be going on the hill at all anymore with the state of my ankles/knees. More surgery is in the pipeline and more throughout my life is inevitable. The surgeon told me if I give up climbing I may totally avoid surgery but I cant even comprehend life without it. I took what the Doc said with a pinch of salt but even at that I know within myself that my time is limited so I'm just going to follow his parting words, "Keep going till you cant take the pain anymore".......

End of the line or just another obstacle

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  1. Kev, it's one opinion in gazillions.

    There's a great bike builder called Ezra Caldwell who's got terminal bowel cancer. He was in remission for a number of years and his doctor told him not to ride his bike as the saddle could aggravate the tumours etc etc.

    Anyway, fast forward 3/4 years, new doctor, new opinion and he was told his previous doctors diagnosis was shit.

    Take it with a handful of salt. I can understand his comments re walking, but climbing is not a high impact sport.

    Keep at it.