Saturday, 12 October 2013

6 Months On

For the past few weeks I've been starting to try push myself a bit and regain a bit more of old form so I've been putting in plenty sessions at the Ice Factor with the lads on the rock, ice and DT. I've also started Crossfit in Fort William which is great. I've also teamed up with Rebecca Dent to sort my diet out too. 

Training at Ice Factor-Pic-Gabi Tomescu

We've had some great weather here the past few days and I eventually felt my ankle had recovered enough to walk further up the Glen to check a project I'd spotted some time ago. I headed up with James and Rich yesterday to check it and for the lads to check something too. The line didn't look any easier than I remember so I decided to give it a try on top rope and start the major cleaning operation. I managed almost all the moves but a lead is a long way off, it's definitely high end E7 with the only gear near the bottom and near the top, utterly terrifying, psyched. Also spotted a few other potential lines, happy days!

James and Rich with Steall Falls in the background

Today James, Mia and myself headed halfway up Ben Nevis to help with a litter pick that was part of a 3 Peaks clean up project organised by our mate Rich Pyne.

Mia with one of the less disgusting things we cleared up

We met more than our share of idiots and ignorant folks but one crew in particular who seemed like they had already been drinking and were causalities waiting to happen, both James and I had words with them and a few others. However on the way down we found what we think was some of their bevy stash chilling in the burn, karma strikes again.  
James 'clearing up' the cans, who needs Highland Spring

We cleared a lot just between the 3 of us and the guys who cleared from the summit down will no doubt have lifted plenty too, good effort to those who got involved giving up their own time to clean up the hill and to Rich for organising it!

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