Friday, 7 June 2013

Half Way

I'm at just over half way through my time in the cast, only another 5 weeks (hopefully) to go before I can start physio and weight bearing stuff, then the hard work starts. I've been hitting the local gym recently and trying to keep my upper body in shape but feel I'm really missing cardio training even with bouts on the handbike. Still it feels good to be doing something rather than watching 80s action films. 

Last week was the official opening of the new ice wall at Snow Factor and I went along to have a look. I took my gear up in case I was tempted and the minute I saw the wall I knew I was going on it. I waited till the media circus had died down and jumped on some corner routes using one boot & crampon on my good foot and bridging using my knee on the injured side. I went back again this week and teamed up with Gerry & Joe to do some more routes, using the same technique I was surprised to find I could climb vertical face ice and onto the DT boards above, felt really good to be climbing again.

On the new wall at Xscape

I've taken a fair run at getting started with some writing projects and finishing others but have learnt some new stuff over the past few weeks too. I'm not known as being particularly patient or easy going when I'm trapped inside away from the mountains but something like this really teaches you to be patient because if you aren't it becomes a lot more difficult to deal with, even if it is for only a comparatively small amount of time compared to some. 

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