Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Been a hectic few weeks. I got a quick blast back up to the E7 project with Dan, Will and Connor. I found a slight smear for my left palm on the upper crux which if pushed hard enough kinda sticks to the rock, pity it's been wet since or it would've been in the bag.

Connor, Will and Dan up at the slab

after that I was travelling about a bit then back up last week to start setting for the STS comp at the Ice Factor which was a busy 3 days for us. The comp was on Saturday which was also my birthday, all went well during the day and had a proper good night in the bar afterwards with some good mates, I knew it was a good one when I woke up in the back seat of my car at 10am the next morning!!

Still suffering from my hangover on Monday I headed down to the Ice Factor to start my SPA Training with Al Halewood. We spent most of the day in the wall then up to a surprisingly warm Glen Nevis. Next day we left the Fort William monsoon and headed to a slightly drier Kingussie with Scott

Joe posing for a change

Stevi enjoying the wonderful Scottish conditions

Joe, Stevi, Mark and Scott

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