Monday, 22 October 2012


On Friday night I got a text from  fellow Dalry Ex-Pat Steve Kennedy asking if I fancied a trip to Ardnamurchan with him and my old Nevisport boss ,the legendary Andy to see about doing a new route. I was catching up with some mates on the Saturday but resisted the temptation to hit Ossians, Fort Williams premier night club, and went home early and got ready for the following day.
We drove out in increasingly fine weather and sauntered into the crag. There's a real atmosphere out there it's a truly beautiful and remote spot. Steve showed me the line and I was immediately psyched, it was a direct line up an arĂȘte and a true finish to an existing line that steps right at the start of the difficulties. There was a bit of a protection issue in that I could only get some at half height but I top roped the route first to check the scary looking crux.

Entering the crux sequence, Pic -Steve Kennedy

As I've noticed on bold routes all this season I found myself totally relaxed on lead, the feeling of total focus, relaxation and peace really is priceless.

 Just about topping out on the route, Pic-Steve Kennedy

We graded the route E4 5c but haven't decided on a name yet. It was a great new line and well worth staying sober for.

Andy and Steve 

It was a great day all in yesterday, new bold route, beautiful weather, stunning location and good banter with mates, pretty perfect really..........

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