Saturday, 5 May 2012

Moving Fast

Back out to the project today with Glenda and Dave to see if I could make any progress. I spent a while warming up while the guys top-roped the E5. I went on the route with a top rope and no expectations and managed to link it first try and also found a better way of doing the last (crux) move which is exciting and fast progress.

Glenda took this shot while I was on top rope

Trying to get purchase, the difficulty increased the minute the sun hit the rock

Glenda and Dave chilling out between attempts on our projects

It's strange that only a few hours ago it seemed like a bit of fun trying to link the moves etc but now it takes on a new meaning as I know it's do-able but it's absolutely terrifying. It's such a stunning line though, I didn't expect to be considering this level of commitment or risk so soon after returning to climbing but it's making me very happy and psyched.

Standing below the crag chilling out. I was there on my own for a bit contemplating the route and the only sound was the wind whistling over the top of the crag and at that moment there was nowhere else I'd rather have been, I really felt totally at home there.

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