Monday, 30 April 2012

Back in Town

So I eventually moved back to Fort William on Monday and been training or climbing ever since. Trained through the week at the Ice Factor with Sam, Christina and Dave and then we got good weather so it was time to get out. After doing a lecture on Friday night for Lochaber MRT and UHIMC and catching up with some mates we decided to go look at a new route out Glenfinnan direction. Johann ,Dave and myself headed out in stunning conditions to this amazing wee crag. While the boys tried the E5 there ,which I did a wee while back and is likely the best E5 I've done, I tried a direct finish straight up the slab. Turns out its thin, precarious and bold AKA perfect. The one bit of gear at half height and the terrifying crux will be at the very top, really psyched to get back in cooler conditions and try this, I think it's probably E7 territory!

                                      Johann and Dave at the top of the crag

The next morning Dave, Glenda ,Alison and myself had a relatively early start and headed up to do the Carn Mor Dearg Arete on Ben Nevis. The day started off nice and simply got better and better as you'll see from the pics.

                         Dave, myself and Alison having just started on the snowline

                           Dave, Alison and Glenda with the North Face in the background

                                       Stuffing my face just before starting on the Arete proper

                                                                       On the ridge

                                                           The guys on the summit of the Ben

This weekend was one of those that makes all the crap weather in the Highlands worth enduring. The kind that stays in your memory for years. I couldn't have timed my return to the Fort any better.

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