Saturday, 17 December 2011

Impatient Patient

Having had enough of pissing around in Dalry waiting for the NHS to actually do my ankle op I decided I would need to get some hill time before my tenuous grip on sanity totally slipped. Dave had called saying he had some ideas for routes to look at, even if I didn't do any technical climbing I was psyched just to be out in the mountains. So on Friday morning we headed out for Dave to try a new mega hard project.

On the walk in...

Thankfully Dave and Blair had walked in here the day before and no trail breaking was necessary. We moved at a good steady speed, not too much pain in my ankle which was a relief. We arrived at the crag in stunning conditions, blue skies, not much wind, good ice and snow covered mountains as far as I could see, brilliant.

Dave focussed and ready to give his project another try.

Five hours later my ankle was in agony, the pain creeping into knees and hips from compensation, feet and hands frozen but I was still happier up there than I have been in weeks. Dave asked me if I wanted a try on the project but after watching him fight it and in my current state I declined.

On the walk out, tired but happy

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  1. Hi Kev,

    I'm working on a project that it would be great to talk to you about. Are you available to talk on the phone at all? You can get me on G+, Facebook (!/profile.php?id=36805684), or twitter (@josephcoulson).
    Joe Coulson