Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Good Work

Had a bit of a busy stint there with various bits of cool work. First up was two days of setting routes at the Ice Factor. It was a lot of graft for the team of us and stressful for the staff as the ice wall had melted after a client burst a pipe that was part of the cooling system with his axe. We got it all set though and by the sounds of it it was a successful day as this years STS kicked off.

Trying to figure out a good finals route

On Saturday morning it was off to the Peak district to work for Mammut. The plan was to team up with photographer Dan Lane http://www.danlanephotography.com/ and for me to solo an E5 that I'm keen for but pissing rain put paid to that idea. Instead I hung around Outsides shop in Hathersage blethering to the staff, drinking tea and getting nervous. The room rapidly filled up though when they opened the doors and it was straight into the talk.

Talking about Ireland- Pic- Dan Lane

The talk went smoothly and afterwards there was plenty of questions, all in all a good night.

Professional to the end, drinking Mammuts 'Tusk Ale' in the street , classy!! Pic- Dan Lane

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