Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tower Ridge

I'd promised Kaye a while back I'd take her up Tower Ridge on the Ben so with the forecast being good we headed up yesterday. The walk in was brutally warm for a pasty ginge like myself and I had to drink plenty. As we arrived on the ridge proper Kaye announced that she was running out of water and I had to begin considering retreat or dehydration, at that point she said she could only get water by tilting her pack to get water from her Camelbak, turns out it was upside down, cue plenty of abuse.

Kaye scrambling up with Observatory Gully below

Starting onto the Eastern Traverse

At the top of the ridge

The views all day yesterday were utterly stunning, I feel so privileged to stay in such a beautiful place and be capable of going out and appreciating it in the way I do...........


  1. Good photo's.... heard it was you that packed Kaye's rucksack what a numpty putting the camelbak in upside down!!!

  2. Ha, Don't believe the lies Gail :)