Saturday, 30 April 2011

Filming, fun & progress

On Wednesday night after work I headed up the Glen again to do some film with Kate & Ezra, students in Documentary film making. I had agreed to do some climbing for a film they were doing about life around the Ben. So for scenery and a quality route we headed to Scimitar. I soloed the E4 there again which never fails to make me feel good!

Sorting gear before the crag- Pic- Dorota Bankowska

Soloing Fingertip Finale - Pic- Dorota Bankowska

When its been too warm for climbing we've been going up and jumping off Lower Falls which is a great way to freshen up after a day in the shop, or even during it, we jumped on our lunch hour last week.

Kieran in mid somersault at the Falls! Pic - Kaye Black

On Friday to avoid the Royal Wedding crap I met up with 3 mates in the Coe and we headed up North Buttress on the Buachaille. It's the first time I've stood on top of a Munro since the accident and I felt utterly alive during and after. Good to climb with friends I haven't seen for a while too!

Alec, Tam and Neil on the summit of the Buachaille!

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