Monday, 14 February 2011

Training etc

Recently it's became very apparent that everytime I get on the hill my ankle is getting worse so I've been trying to limit myself to good weather days to get on winter lines and to still leave enough to hopefully get up the Mournes a few times before the foot totally packs in. I've never been one for training for rock climbing but now I'm looking at trying my first E8 that has all changed, I've started to get really into my training at the Ice Factor and really enjoying seeing progress.

Bouldering at my wall.......Pic- Suzy Devey

I Have an appointment in Glasgow this Thursday with an ankle specialist who will hopefully let me know what's happening, patience is growing a bit thin after 13 months! Other news is that Mammut have given me support for my clothing for the time being, I've already received some kit and I'm well pleased with it................

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