Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Since my last blog I've been in a bit of a weird place mentally. I have been getting problems with my ankle again which has limited my climbing and work. So I made another appointment to see the surgeon and eventually got there last week and he basically told me that my climbing is over as is full time work. I couldn't believe what he had said and just walked out in a state of shock and drove to Ayrshire and spent a few days partying while mulling over my future. I had only very limited career options before the accident and they are totally crap now. Thankfully Nevisport have been great and have sorted out hours to suit my injury while still allowing time to train. Psyching up for a hard winter lead-Pic- Steve Gordon

I've always had hope that one day I'd settle down into a 'normal' life but as this dream drifts ever further from my grasp I realise how that hope has held me down. Hope is such a pointless thing, either we do or don't, that's it, hope is just a nice word for wait and that's wasting time and I've done enough of that now. For the Doctor to basically give me no hope was a blessing in disguise as I'm no longer thinking too much about what my future could hold but more about cramming in as much as possible to the here and now. I think this should allow me to push harder in my climbing and commit to more challenging routes without way too much thought about potential consequences. Life is great in this way that we can take what should be bad news etc and turn it into somewhat of an advantage.


  1. If I know anything about you mate, its that this bad news will get totally ignored and you'll pull something ridiculous out of the bag before we can all blink... go big or go home, as someone once said ;)
    Gimme a txt when your in the area. Al

  2. Hi Kev, Joe Simpson was also told he'd never climb again after a bust ankle- proved them wrong. I've got a broken one and a trashed knee but have managed to run again this year and climb harder than in many years in my own moderate fashion. Find the best physio you can keep the faith and ignore the doc.

  3. Cheers Alan's
    Al I'll give you a shout next time I'm near the Shire but that'll likely be Oct before Ireland trip.
    Al, nice one on the Afghan trip, looks and sounds awesome. Got a floor in the basement wall now, no more landing on soggy carpets............