Monday, 31 May 2010

Recce to the Mournes

On Friday afternoon I Arrived in Belfast on a long awaited return trip to the Mournes. I had been speaking to Ricky Bell for a while about getting over but never got round to it but after recently re-watching Underdeveloped I became very psyched to try Crystal Methods (an E8 solo) with the mindset that I will quit soloing after it. However I couldn't do the crux move on the route and decided not to bother on the day. Ricky pointed me at a fantastic E7 which will definitely go in better conditions, I then tried a brutal E8 6c which I think could be the route where I find both my mental and physical limits. I did all the separate moves on top rope but not strong enough to link it all yet.
The scene in Northern Ireland is amazing, that in itself has me very keen to get back, the guys there have a real passion for their mountains.
Looking over to Binnian, The Mournes

I have 2 months off from working at Nevisport and I hope to really push myself in that time to a whole new level.Just ordered 100m of static to go check some big new projects which should be interesting, not looking forward to carrying all that kit on a still fragile ankle though................

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