Friday, 2 October 2009

Reality Check

Since doing E7 the other week I've been working and doing a couple of lectures so theres been no time to climb or train. So the other day I got a text from Andy Turner saying he will be keen for climbing in November so I decided I had better get my finger out and start training on the axes and getting a bit of hill fitness built up. I've managed to get in a few good runs and have really enjoyed just being out alone in the hills. Last night though was a serious reality check as to where my winter strength is at , before I moved up to Fort Bill and staying in Ayrshire I was the one that trained the hardest at the wall and pushed myself (well thought I pushed myself) but last night was an eye opener when Dave Macleod came down to the wall , complete with weight belt , and proceeded to easily do twice the amount that I did. It made me realise that I'll need to take myself to a whole new level this season if I intend to climb the routes on my list. It is possible but what is left of my already shattered social life will need to take another hammering.

Post E7 I thought I would genuinely be able to relax and walk away from soloing but already I have my eye on an E8 in The Peak , so between that and getting ready for this winter route my life will once again be completely taken over. If I'm successful on these routes though I HAVE to step back and take stock of what I've done and what I've gotten away with before my life becomes completely empty bar my climbing , which is nearly the case at the moment!!

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